Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

Hello, just when you thought Twilight couldn't get any better, New Moon comes out. I LOVED IT! I know that it helped that there was a bigger budget for this one. I was always a big huge Edward fan from reading the books, but I am swaying to camp Jacob after watching the movie. Can we say what a Cutie? Anyone who knows me, knows that I was on this Twilight band wagon long before there were many on board, and I am just as big a fan as ever. Well I can say that I know some that have far surpassed my enthusiam (Jen). But I have seen New Moon twice in the first two days it was open.


Hadley Family said...

LOL! I have always been team Jacob. Micki won a prize at the theater she saw it in opening night for having read the books first of anyone in the theater. Thanks for getting me hooked! Love ya!

Elise said...

Hey Deni,
I enjoy reading your blog. You have inspired me and I want to do one for my family. Is it hard? Can you tell me how?

Jason Merrell said...

I just started reading Breaking Dawn a few days ago. Judging from the quote at the beginning, my prediction is Bella never does become a vampire.