Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Slow tortoise wins the race, right?

Ok, I am officially the slowest blogger ever. Well, maybe not officially. Oh so much has been going on since I last posted. Let's see. It was July of last year when I last checked in. In October one of my BFFs and I opened a shop. It's called Retropolitan we sell lots of fun home decor and furnishings that we find and turn fabulous. Here are a few of the beauties you can find there.

We threw another fun fantastic Halloween Party this year. So many family and friends turned up in their finest halloween attire.

At the end of September, Mike ended up in the ER with major pain in his side. After three hours of blood tests and MRI's and scans the result was no idea what the cause was. He was sent home with a few pain meds and told to come back if it didn't go away. It did, so not much else was thought about it.

Just before a surprise Vegas trip for Mike's 40th Birthday, Mike felt a little pain again, but this time he also felt a lump.

Well most of you know that the end result of that little discovery was the big bad "C" word. A lovely little thing called Synovial Sarcoma. We are now waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Finished with the tumor removal, and 30 treatments of radiation. If the next PET scan shows no spreading we will be good until the next scan 3 months later. If that scan is clean, we wait another 6 months, and so on and so forth. If a scan ever shows that there is any spreading we will get to explore the exciting option of Chemotherapy. Yuck.

And during all of this fun and excitement, Merrell broke his arm on Christmas Eve and I bruised or possibly broke my tail bone. Luckily Merrell and I are all healed up from those fun events and the whole little fam is plugging along. All of the usual; homework, piano lessons and practicing, karate, chores, homework and more practicing.