Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summa, summa, summa time

Wow, It has sure been a busy summer so far. Its not over yet. I was called to be the Young Women's Camp director. Big job. Let me just say, "Be Very, Very careful what you wish for." When I was in Young Women's (about a million years ago) I had such wonderful leaders and such a great experience at camp every year. I used to think, " I want to be in YW when I get older, I would love to go to camp and maybe have a little influence on the young women." Well then I had three boys, and so the cub scout and primary callings kept on comin. Then when the YW call came, I was scared. Totally out of my element and totally out of practice relating to young women. It was alot of work and scary at first, but I am so glad I was able to go to camp with the young women of my ward. I may not have given birth to any daughters, but I feel like I have about 21 new daughters.

We are now and have been for a while preparing for my niece Ariel's upcoming nuptuals. She is marrying a wonderful young man named Steven Martin. He is so sweet and perfect for Ariel. She has graciously let me butt in and help with the wedding plans, I went to the dress shop when she was picking one out, she has let me help with the party plans and decor ideas. I am so excited for her.

Also I have has not one, not two, but three fabulous girl trips to St. George. In March I went with friends Taryn Jessen, Karissa Gardner, Erika Brendle, and Jen Utley to Taryn's parents home for a weekend of movies, eating, shopping and fun. Then in May, the sisters, Mom and I took our annual Mother's weekend away to St. George. We has such a great time. Melodee, Mom, Julia, Liesl, JoDee, and Ariel joined me for some great food, a bike ride, shopping, and movies. And in June I went with friends, Eli Berrett, Karla Stone, Buffie Finke, and Linda Wilcock to Eli's southern home. We had such a relaxing time. Lots of fun talking and lounging and the occasional morning run. I would love to take these trips on a monthly basis, not so sure that I could get Mike behind that idea though.

Hunter is now 14 and getting ready to attend the National Jamboree in Fort Hill A.P. virginia. He is going with his cousin Chance who lives in Delta Utah, so the troop he is attending with is from down south. He is a little nervous to be going away for 15 days, but I think he will have a fabulous time. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It only happens once every four years and you have to be between 14-18 to attend. This year should be great since it is the 100 year anniversary of Scouting. After the Jamboree, his troop will be touring some great spots back east. I think it will be hard for me as well. My baby boy gone from home for that long.

Then the end of this month is our annual Jackson Hole River trip with the Rowleys. Can't wait.

Whew! And with all of that I have converted one of my craft rooms into "Girl Haven" I had so many girly decorating ideas floating around in my little brain, I thought I would put them into action in my craft room, (didn't think that Hunter, True or Merrell would appreciate them for their rooms) I have now found that I have a little problem. It is a DI problem. I go searching for little projects to start. My hubby has pleaded for me to stop, he wants his garage back.