Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer do!

Mike took Merrell to get a haircut for the summer. The results are somewhat unorthodox. I think someone is living vicariously through their child. I think its is fun for the summer but come school I think we will be back to my little blonde boy.

Still Alive and Kickin

Ok, I know, it has been quite a while since my last post. I told you I am technically challanged. I get intimidated and just ignore it. I am very good at the "ignore it and it will go away" policy. We have had some goings on since I last posted. We had a little girl in the house for about 9 weeks. We were watching Mike's little two year old niece Zoie for a while. It was so much fun getting to dress a girl and I got quite good at little girl hair. I went a little crazy with the making of flower hair clips, if you are in the market for some, you know where you can get some.
I had a fun girls trip with friends from my home away from home, the gym. We took a road trip to St. George. It was a blast, we stayed in our friends home, went shopping, ate, saw a movie, ate, went to Tuacan and saw Footloose, ate, and just acted silly.

The boys have been having a fun summer. We took a weekend trip up to Bear Lake with some friends and saw some friends there. I don't know what the kids love more, the water or the sand and dirt.

We are now getting excited for our annual Jackson Hole, white water river rafting trip. We are so lucky to have Jeff Rowley in our family. He used to be a river guide for the Boy Scouts up there so we have a wonderful resource for fun, fun, fun on the Snake River.